Can You Get an Engineering Degree Online?

Earning an online engineering degree can put you in an excellent position to capitalize on a high-growth field with excellent pay. Accredited online engineering degrees are growing in availability and reputation as colleges and universities work to address the needs of remote learners, part-time students, and working adults. As a result, fully online engineering degrees are increasingly accessible to hard-working and qualified students. From online electrical engineering degrees and online mechanical engineering degrees to online civil engineering degrees and online software engineering degrees, you can study to work in a wide range of industries and positions.

Check out the best online undergraduate engineering programs to get started, or read on to learn more.

What Is an Engineering Degree?

Engineering is one of the most popular and challenging college degree programs. You’ll study the science, design and implementation of machines, circuits, engines, structures, and various other areas of technological science. You’ll learn how these things are built, how they function, and how they can malfunction.

Students who graduate with a degree in engineering enter into the field with valuable skills, numerous career opportunities, and high earning power. As an engineering student, you’ll take math- and science-intensive courses; study foundational subjects such as mechanics, electricity, and computer science; and engage in some form of practical, hands-on training. You’ll learn how to build, repair, and innovate in your chosen area of engineering.

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How Long Does an Online Engineering Degree Take?

There are more options today than ever before to earn your engineering degree online. Online engineering degrees are available at every level of education and through a variety of fully-accredited and highly-regarded colleges and universities.

Each degree program demands a different number of credits and, therefore, requires a different length of time for completion. For instance:

  • An Online Associate’s Degree in Engineering will typically take two years to complete, after which you can pursue a career as a technician or engineering assistant.
  • An Online Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering can be completed in a minimum of four years and can start you on the path to a career as a licensed Professional Engineer (PE).
  • An Online Master’s Degree in Engineering is roughly a two-year program, and can improve your opportunities for advancement, higher earnings, and leadership opportunities in your field.
  • An Online PhD in Engineering may take between three and five years to complete, and provides you with the credentials to become a full professor at the postsecondary level, or to lead research in the field.

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What Can I Do With an Online Engineering Degree?

An online engineering degree is a good investment, largely because the engineering field is booming with job opportunities, excellent pay, and a wide variety of career paths. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the architecture and engineering sectors are expected to add roughly 74,800 new jobs by 2029. Demand is expected to grow in areas such as infrastructural rebuilding, renewable energy, oil and gas extraction, robotics, and more. And with an annual median wage of $81,440 in 2019, working engineers earned well above the median annual wage for all occupations of $39,810.

Among the careers you could pursue with an online engineering degree, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) highlights the following, and lists their annual median pay as of 2019:

Engineering Degree Careers and Median Pay
Career2019 Median Annualy Salary
Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians$66,020
Aerospace Engineers$116,500
Agricultural Engineers$80,720
Biomedical Engineers$91,410
Cartographers and Photogrammetrists$65,470
Chemical Engineers$108,770
Civil Engineering Technicians$53,410
Civil Engineers$87.060
Computer Hardware Engineers$117,220
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians$65,260
Electrical and Electronics Engineers$101,250
Electro-mechanical Technicians$58,350
Environmental Engineering Technicians$50,620
Environmental Engineers$88,860
Health and Safety Engineers$91,410
Industrial Engineering Technicians$56.550
Industrial Engineers$88,020
Landscape Architects$69,360
Marine Engineers and Naval Architects$92,400
Materials Engineers$93,360
Mechanical Engineering Technicians$56,980
Mechanical Engineers$88,430
Mining and Geological Engineers$91,160
Nuclear Engineers$113,460
Petroleum Engineers$137,720
Surveying and Mapping Technicians$45,010

If you’re interested in any of these career prospects, get started by looking at the very best online degrees in engineering!

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What Else Can I Expect From an Online Engineering Degree?

Learn what to expect from your online degree in engineering with a look at these key resources:

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