The Best Online Doctorate in Materials Engineering


These programs were ranked with eight factors: student-to-faculy ratio, degrees-awarded-in-field ratio, graduation rate, retention rate, percentage of online students, concentrated influence, desirability, and exclusivity. The program's cost grade is determined by the average in-state tuition levels and its percentile distribution compared to other online engineering institutions. Learn more about our methodology

The Best Online Doctorate in Materials Engineering Ranking

Career Information

Materials Engineer Career Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a materials engineer career requires a bachelor's degree for entry into the field.

Materials Engineer Hourly Wages by Percentile
PercentileHourly Wage
Mean$47 per hour
Tenth Percentile$28 per hour
Twenty-Fifth Percentile$35 per hour
Fiftieth Percentile (Median)$45 per hour
Seventy-Fifth Percentile$58 per hour
Ninetieth Percentile$72 per hour
Materials Engineer Annual Wages by Percentile
PercentileAnnual Wage
Tenth Percentile$57,340
Twenty-Fifth Percentile$72,420
Fiftieth Percentile (Median)$93,360
Seventy-Fifth Percentile$120,180
Ninetieth Percentile$148,960
Materials Engineer Employment Outlook 2019-2029
2019 Employment27,500 people
2029 Employment27,900 people
Employment Percent Change from 2019 to 20292%

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